This WordPress plugin will allow authors to timestamp content on the Ethereum blockchain

Amsterdam-based WordProof announced today it will allow customers to timestamp content on the Ethereum blockchain, it said during the BlockDown Conference 2020 on October 22. Special announcement exclusively on BlockDown 3.0! 🎉 just announced ETH support! 🎊 Thank you @delans great presentation! 🥳 @ChrisEffectAI1 — BlockDown 2020 (@BlockDownConf) October 22, 2020 WordProof provides copyright […]


Traders warn about Ethereum and DeFi tokens as momentum dwindles against Bitcoin

In the past week, the alternative cryptocurrency (altcoin) market has further slumped against Bitcoin. Since achieving a peak in early September, decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens alongside Ethereum have shown a lackluster performance. Since October 8, the price of Bitcoin has increased from $ 10,600 to $ 12,311 by 16%. In the same period, Ethereum rose […]

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Ethereum Classic’s MESS Solution Won’t Provide ‘Robust’ Security Against 51% Attacks: Report

A solution being implemented to safeguard against so-called 51% attacks on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network may not be as secure as other alternatives, according to a new analysis. This summer, the ETC blockchain suffered three such attacks in a month. Soon after, ETC Labs – leading organization supporting the network – announced it would […]


Top Ethereum whales are HODLing at an “impressive rate,” data finds

Top Ethereum whales are increasingly moving their funds off exchanges, on-chain data show. It demonstrates the confidence of high-net-worth investors in the medium-term trend of ETH. In the past two months, tokens on exchanges dropped by 20.5%, as exchange outflows substantially increased. Since investors typically deposit cryptocurrencies to exchanges to sell, the trend indicates a […]


New paradigm: Ethereum fees regularly surpass Bitcoin, and it’s good for ETH

Fees on the Ethereum blockchain network are consistently surpassing Bitcoin and industry executives say it could spark a “new paradigm.” Cole Kennelly, who heads growth at Staked, institution-focused decentralized finance (DeFi) firm, said: “ETH fees are consistently materially higher than $ BTC fees. A new paradigm.” $ ETH fees are consistently materially higher than $ […]