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Financial Analysts Expect US Dollar to Soften Further, 2021 Could Be the Greenback’s ‘Worst Year Ever’

Well before the coronavirus pandemic, global economists expected a grim-looking American economy and during the last ten months of the Covid-19 outbreak, the U.S. financial system looks even worse. Economists and analysts say the biggest concern is the U.S. dollar faltering into the unknown, as a great number of distinguished individuals believe the USD will […]


China’s answer to Bitcoin could wreck Macau’s multi-billion dollar casinos

China has been a long time critic of Bitcoin despite its unwavering support for digital finance and payments. It even started the grassroots development for its own digital currency—to prevent the proliferation of Bitcoin—back in 2015 that is close to an official launch. But observers say the digital Yuan, officially the Digital Currency Electronic Payment […]

Crypto News

Fighting Definancialization: Cryptologic Methods Like Bitcoin Could Protect Wealth From the Great Reset

The Great Reset agenda is trending once again on social media, numerous news outlets, and a variety of online forums. During the last few months, the Great Reset proposal has been pushed worldwide, as it allegedly seeks to create a sustainable economy following the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, a great number of people are skeptical of […]