Bitcoin Continues Struggling to Set Fresh All-Time Highs: What Analysts are Saying

Bitcoin has been struggling to break above the mid-to-upper $ 19,000 region throughout the past few days and weeks, with the selling pressure here being significant Until bulls can shatter the resistance region that begins at $ 19,400, it may continue seeing a prolonged consolidation phase The cryptocurrency’s latest weekly close, however, was incredibly bullish […]

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Financial Analysts Expect US Dollar to Soften Further, 2021 Could Be the Greenback’s ‘Worst Year Ever’

Well before the coronavirus pandemic, global economists expected a grim-looking American economy and during the last ten months of the Covid-19 outbreak, the U.S. financial system looks even worse. Economists and analysts say the biggest concern is the U.S. dollar faltering into the unknown, as a great number of distinguished individuals believe the USD will […]