Bitcoin-focused DeFi protocol garners $30m in deposits in first day after $100 airdrop to thousands

Thus far, decentralized finance (DeFi) has been a trend largely focused on Ethereum. While there are products such as Wrapped Bitcoin,  there is a lack of Bitcoin-focused infrastructure and marketing in DeFi. Badger Finance/Badger DAO is trying to change this, having launched an Ethereum-based application focused on bringing Bitcoiners and BTC by extension to DeFi […]

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Trading Exchange Okex’s Crypto Reserves Nosedived After Withdrawals Opened

Just recently, after the exchange paused cryptocurrency withdrawals, the trading platform Okex finally enabled digital currency withdrawals last Wednesday. Since then, the exchange seems to be experiencing an exodus of funds leaving, as onchain data shows Okex’s crypto-asset reserves like bitcoin, ethereum and tether have depleted considerably during the last ten days. Over the years […]